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At Rental Research Services, our mission is to provide landlords and property management companies with tenant research and verification they can rely on. As a landlord, the property you own is an important investment — our range of services helps ensure you’re renting out your investment to qualified applicants. With our resident screening services, you receive a full report on a potential tenant, which includes all available information concerning housing history, criminal history, credit history, and more. Learn more about our highly advanced Instant Inquiry 3.0 tenant screening process, and register today to begin screening your tenants with us. We can facilitate peace of mind and better tenants going forward.

Why Choose Us for Rental History Reports?

  • Extremely thorough online tenant screening
  • Comprehensive search for housing, criminal, and credit histories
  • Our reports are easy to read and understand
  • We streamline the resident screening process by combining information into one place
  • We have 45 years of experience in screening residents
  • We affiliate with an experienced collections company, Negotium
  • A rental history report can save untold amounts of money in the future!

The Necessity of Tenant Verification

Bad tenants aren’t always easy to spot. What starts out as a positive landlord-tenant relationship can quickly turn sour if your tenants start missing payments or cause damage to your property. With professional, thorough tenant verification from Rental Research Services, you will be much more likely to avoid this situation from the beginning. 

One of the biggest concerns when renting your property is finding a good tenant, and tenant verification can make your life as a landlord much easier. Our state-of-the-art tenant research technology enables you to find information your tenants might have reason to hide from you, such as negative housing history, criminal history, credit history, and more. Avoid future headaches with our services — this initial investment prior to renting has the potential to save untold amounts of money that otherwise might have gone towards evictions, damage repair, and unoccupied rentals.

What Information Does Our Rental Background Check Provide?

When you request a rental background check from Rental Research Services, you are able to view a wealth of information about your prospective renter, allowing you to make an informed decision before trusting your rental property to a new occupant. Our tenant screening reports include the following information:

Housing History

The housing history component of our rental history report card will show all available information on the prospective tenant’s housing and rental history, whether positive or negative. The report will show a history of addresses, noting if a tenant has a history of relocating frequently. It will also include red-flag information, such as unlawful detainers (for tenants who remained in an apartment after a lease expired, or otherwise refused to leave), Forcible Entry and Detainer (FED) Records (for tenants who had actions taken against them for removal), and eviction records. When you choose Rental Research Services for tenant research, you are also granted access to our exclusive Rental Report Card database, which compiles past ratings for your potential tenant.

Criminal History

In order to choose tenants who will make prompt payments, respect your property, and be courteous to their neighbors, it helps to have all information available concerning a tenant’s criminal history. Our National Criminal Index (NCI) database search includes more than 430 million criminal records, giving you access to criminal history a tenant could be hiding. With this information, you are able to make a more informed decision when screening prospective applicants, depending on the severity of any past offenses and the amount of time passed.

Credit History

One of the largest issues landlords can face is unpaid or late rent payments. With the credit history feature of our tenant research report, you have access to all available credit history, so you can see the past record of financial responsibility of a prospective tenant. This screening pulls from public records, such as judgements, garnishments, foreclosures, state and federal tax liens and bankruptcies, as well as information from other accounts and payments, such as credit cards, loans, and more. Financial history and stability are among the most important considerations for finding a reliable tenant for your property. Rental Research Services can provide in-depth resident screening to ensure you find the best tenants possible.

Add-On Features

In addition to our housing, criminal, and credit history reports, Rental Research Services can grant access to a much wider range of information through our various add-on features. Services you can add-on to your Instant Inquiry 3.0 experience include online rental application, our decision dashboard tool, and our rental report card system. With the online rental application, you can streamline the tenant screening process even further by directing applicants to our online application system. Our decision dashboard is a helpful tool that allows you to easily distill the information contained in the report and compare it against your company’s screening criteria. With our aforementioned rental report card for resident screening, you are able to leave a report for your past tenants and view any available reports made by other landlords. For more information about our Instant Inquiry 3.0 resident screening solution, view an example report here.


To further our mission to enable landlords to find the best tenants possible in the most efficient way possible, we have partnered with the collection agency Negotium. Although we attempt to prevent problems with tenants before they manifest, sometimes problems will inevitably occur. Negotium is a collection agency that is highly-experienced and uses state-of-the-art technology — including Rental Research Services — to get the job done. Rather than spending your valuable time chasing down past-due payments, Negotium can use their expertise to track down payments for you and eventually pursue legal action, should the situation require it. 

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At Rental Research Services, we believe the tenant verification process should be streamlined, easy-to-understand, and built with our clients in mind. We help our clients avoid future headaches and financial losses by offering upfront tenant verification, which provides thorough information so you can make informed decisions. For state-of-the-art tenant research and the quality that comes with more than 45 years of experience, register with us today.