1. Fair Housing is MHA’s Calling Card!

    Our friends at the Minnesota Multi Housing Association (MHA) have put together a business card with all of the Minnesota and Federal Fair Housing Protected Classes! They are: Color, Creed, Disability, Familial Status, Marital Status, National Origin, Race, Receipt of Public Assistance, Religion, Sex…Read More

  2. Game-Changer: The Renter Report Card

    Rental Research has added another new feature to our Renter Report Cards – users are now allowed to both submit and edit their Renter Report Cards, making it an even easier process. For over 40 years, Rental Research Services has provided our customers with a quick and easy way to submit a “repo…Read More

  3. See ID!

    Rental Research Services wants to help with whatever questions you have about resident screening.  The techniques we provide in our Learning Center are to help inform you of best practices in resident screening.  In this article, we focus on the importance of seeing identification! One of the m…Read More