1. They deliver prompt, expert, and personal service

    Rental Research Services has always delivered the best results over the 20 years we have worked together. They deliver prompt, expert, and personal service which makes them a leader in their field.…Read More

    Tom Stutsman, Owner, Stutsman Realty
  2. They are a truly outstanding vendor

    Our relationship with Rental Research represents the longest and one of the most stable our company has enjoyed. Their staff is knowledgeable, accessible and they know every one of our managers on a first name basis. They are a truly outstanding vendor.…Read More

    Dannie H. Gustafson, President DH Gustafson Company
  3. Great customer service over the years

    The Rental Research website is very user-friendly, and the reports are thorough and easy to read. Lee Mikkelson, the Managing Partner, is always available to answer questions and is so friendly and easy to talk to. Thank you for the great customer service over the years.…Read More

    Mary Hunter, Executive Vice President, DH Gustafson Company
  4. Friendly, knowledgeable and efficient

    All of the staff at Rental Research are friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. All questions are dealt with immediately and with a complete response. Great service, keep up the good work!…Read More

    Crystal Beyer, DH Gustafson Company
  5. Exceptionally prompt and helpful

    RRS has been instrumental in the growth of our property management business. The ability to instantly obtain credit and background checks enables us to respond to tenant applications in a very timely manner. We can screen out the potential problems before they impact the property owners we serve. The introduction of the online application form really accelerated the process, and has met with great…Read More

    Larry Johnson, Property Manager, Rental Home KC
  6. Great Service

    Rental Research Services has provided me with great service over the years. I would recommend them!…Read More

    Steve Perillo, Owner, Community Association Group, LLC
  7. Our reports are accurate and complete

    I have worked with Lee Mikkelson and staff at Rental Research for many years, and I can say unequivocally that they ‘get’ what landlords and management goe through to land a new resident, and they facilitate that process by being fast, efficient, and progressive with technology. I have high expectations for our vendors, and Lee meets them by being responsive to our needs when we have ideas and…Read More

    Robert Kramer, Owner, Kramer/Saxl Group LLC
  8. Most responsive and customer focused company

    Rental Research is the most responsive and customer focused company I have had the pleasure to work with. Their staff is always available to solve any issue that we may have. They are constantly upgrading their product, website presence, and reporting capabilities to make the end user’s job easier. Rental Research is a great company to work with.…Read More

    Michele Grandner, Lang Nelson of Lang Nelson