1. How Can We Help You?

    At Rental Research Services, our customer service is unlimited and unconditional. If you can think of a way we can help you, please tell us! We want to make sure your experience with our services is both pleasant and effective. Do you have questions about which report to order? Do you have questions…Read More

  2. Do Your Residents Make The Grade?

    At Rental Research, we feel that resident screening goes beyond the initial Instant Inquiry report you generate through us. It also includes how your resident performs while they are living at your property. That’s why we encourage everyone to use our free feature – our Renter Report Cards. As t…Read More

  3. Game-Changer: The Renter Report Card

    Rental Research has added another new feature to our Renter Report Cards – users are now allowed to both submit and edit their Renter Report Cards, making it an even easier process. For over 40 years, Rental Research Services has provided our customers with a quick and easy way to submit a “repo…Read More