For over 40 years, Rental Research Services has provided our customers with a quick and easy way to submit a “report card” on their residents directly to us.   Originally referred to as our “Problem Renter Database” and later the “Residential Occupancy Performance Report (ROPR)”, this service has now been simplified even further under the new title of “Renter Report Card“.  As the title implies, this involves more than just a system to report undesirable residents.  The Renter Report Card enables you to not only keep providing information on problem renters, but also report on residents with positive rental history!  You can also supply information on renters whom you categorize as “neutral” (neither positive nor negative).

Submitting a Renter Report Card will help reduce the time involved when you are contacted for a rental reference, since you will no longer have to dig through the files to find an individual’s rental history.  Simply supply the information to us and be done with it!  The important thing to remember is that the Renter Report Card is FREE for all of our customers!  Simply log in with your account and click on “Report Card” – it’s that easy!

by Zane Johnson