Owners and Managers of Minnesota Rental Property

Since its beginning, MHA has always responded to the needs of its members. When market trends change, the economy fluctuates, new issues arise or new  laws are proposed, MHA leadership and staff members figure out what needsto be done, then work to protect your bottom line.

What MHA Can Do For You:

  • Protect your business by representing your interests at all levels of government
  • Keep you informed about current trends
  • Update you on laws, taxes, investment trends, industry issues and products
  • Improve your skills through education and certification classes
  • Provide opportunities to network at meetings, events, classes and committees
  • Supply valuable resources, including essential forms, manuals and a legal handbook
  • Enhance your image and help you profit from our public relations campaigns

More MHA Benefits:

  • Attorney General approved lease and rental property business forms
  • Start-Up Kit for new property owners
  • Hotline for frequently asked questions from renters & managers
  • Buyer’s Guide listing vendors
  • Website for information updates: www.mmha.com

Also included is a subscription to our monthly magazine, The Multi Housing Advocate:

  • Management, marketing & maintenance tips
  • Legal & tax information
  • Municipal & legislative updates
  • News items & investment trends
  • Industry product information
  • Rental property business information
  • Upcoming events & educational opportunities
 “Over the past 10 years, I’ve come to depend on MHA for insightful and accurate information about issues affecting my business as a rental property owner. My association with other property owners has given me an opportunity to exchange information and share challenges and solutions for issues we all face in today’s rental market.” — Doug Jones, North Star Properties

Make the Most of Your Membership: Get Involved!

Your membership returns tenfold what you put into it. Whether you have one multi-housing unit or five thousand, your commitment to MHA is essential. Join a committee, network with your peers, take classes, and attend events. Work with our government relations team to promote favorable laws, as well as to defeat laws that would be harmful to our industry. Help make a difference.

Check the MHA Calendar:

  • Independent Owner Seminars & Investors Club for owners of 1-50 units
  • Legal and Management Seminars
  • Educational Programs, Professional Certifications, and Licensing
  • Fall Product Show and Convention
  • Working Together Conference
  • Product/Service Showcases
  • Annual Dinner & Member Recognition
  • Perspective Seminar (Industry Trends)
  • Golf Tournament
  • MADACS Awards Program
  • Orientation Receptions
  • Committee Meetings
  • CIC Midwest Lunch & Learns for owners/managers of townhomes/condos

Join MHA Today!

Dues are based on the number of units you own and/or manage. Owners with 21 units and above may have staff members join as affiliates under their main membership.  If you also have a product or service you would like to promote, you will need to join as a product/service member. General members are not allowed to promote a product or service. Your annual renewal date falls on the anniversary date (month) that you joined MHA.

Annual Membership Dues:

0 Units: $142
1-4 Units: $124
5-20 Units: $142
21-49 Units: $267
50-99 Units: $410
100-249 Units: $937
250-499 Units: $1,723
500-999 Units: $2,193
1,000-1,999 Units: $2,816
2,000-2,999 Units: $3,915
3,000-3,999 Units: $4,698
4,000+ Units: $5,478

Affiliate (employee of a member company with 21 or more units): $81
Developer: $937
Non-Managing Investor (passive investor): $447
Greater Minnesota Chapter: $937
Greater Minnesota Affiliate (owners/managers who belong to a chapter, and who only own/manage rental property outside the Twin Cities metro area): $81

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