Research is more than just data. Services are more than just reports.

At Rental Research Services, we believe in providing you with the most instant, most accurate, and most comprehensive Learning Centerresident screening reports that you will ever see. However, our 40 years of industry experience have taught us that resident screening is more than just data compiled on a report. It is a combination of state-of-the-art data searches along with best practices.

We are committed to help our customers both engage and promote best practices in their resident screening. For example, we provide a Free Identification Checklist on our website, which specifies the types of identification you should see from each and every applicant at the time they apply for housing. We can also review your current process and help tailor a more effective, efficient resident screening solution, placing emphasis on regulatory compliance and industry best practices. These are just some of the many things we can help your company do to strengthen your entire screening process.

  1. Check It or Forget It – See ID
  2. Free Identification Checklist
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