Welcome to Rental Research Service’s blog. We are so glad you that you have found your way here! In our blog posts, we plan to share pro tips and advice for obtaining the right type of tenant screening so that you can lease or rent to the best possible tenants. As a landlord, we know that you don’t want to worry about signing a contract with a tenant who won’t pay their rent on time or who will cause damage to your property. We are here and happy to help with all of your tenant screening needs. Call and speak with us today!

  1. Renters with Mental Illness

    Most landlords want to do what is best for their tenants, and what is best for themselves. Their good intentions can be put to the test when they are faced with the possibility that a tenant is mentally ill. On the one hand, they are obligated to protect the interests of any other tenants they may h…Read More

  2. Why Landlords Need Tenant Screening

    If you are already a landlord, or you are considering entering the rental property business, then you should seriously consider the benefits of tenant screening, as well as what could happen if you don’t. Rental Research Services understands the importance of tenant screening and we will share wit…Read More

  3. See ID!

    Rental Research Services wants to help with whatever questions you have about resident screening.  The techniques we provide in our Learning Center are to help inform you of best practices in resident screening.  In this article, we focus on the importance of seeing identification! One of the m…Read More