Here is a brand new approach to debt collection for multi-family owners and operators!

Negotium was built on the shell of a 25 year old family owned collection agency, Interstate Credit Control. This is a whole new company from the ground up…nothing remains the same.

  • New ownership – Lee Mikkelson is now 90% owner of the agency
  • New management – Josh Pond, MBA is the new Senior Manager
  • New name – Negotium, Latin for “Business”
  • New website –
  • New web based payment system for debtors available 24 X 7 X 365
  • New state of the art collection software
  • New client reports to help monitor progress on accounts
  • New data scrubbing and skip tracing tools that reduce liability & increase collections
  • New letter series scheduling, contacting more debtors more often
  • New call schedules, contacting more debtors more often
  • New state of the art phone system with call recording
  • New contract, new guidance, new expertise, new dedication to customer service
  • We’re excited to share what we believe is the single strongest solution for recovering lost rental profits.

    Negotium is the only collection agency that reports directly to Rental Research Services. That means that any account you place will impact the consumers ability to secure new rental faster than with any other agency. Negotium is also the only collection agency that can access the vast rental database of Rental Research Services.

    If you’re thinking that this is the single greatest one-two punch in the market, you’re right. Call Lee today to get your starter packet and start recovering lost profits right now!
    Call or email Lee at 855-852-2090 or