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Rental Research publishes an informative newsletter specifically for our customers entitled, “The Shield”. This newsletter is full of articles related directly to the rental housing community. As a new subscriber, you will be notified of all future publications via e-mail. Click here to subscribe (please put "Subscribe to The Shield" in the subject header).

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Increased Evictions Equal Tougher Resident Screening
Resource Guide for Victims of identity Theft
Sex Offender Babysitting Service
Sex Offender moving to Minnesota avoid public scrutiny
State unsure how many sex offenders live in nursing homes
On the Loose
California Looses Sex Offenders
Gang Commandeers Public Housing
Properly Identifying Your Applicants
Resident Screening as a Sales Tool


Rental research services Links

1. Click here to review the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).
2. Click here for information on the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program.
3. For Public Housing Authorities: click here for the Public Housing Occupancy Guidebook (June, 2003). Specific applicant screening criteria within the guidebook are found on pages 41-42 (“Rejecting an Application for Public Housing”).
4. For Public Housing Authorities: click here for HUD's Multifamily Industry Resource Page.
5. The Minnesota Office of the Legilative Auditor recently published an evaluation report entitled, "Community Supervision of Sex Offenders". This report recommends improvements in supervision, treatment, and housing for sex offenders living in Minnesota communities - a valuable tool even for those who reside outside the state of Minnesota. Click to view either the summary or the full report.
6. Click here for a current list of the FBI - Most Wanted Terrorists.
7. Click here to register for a FREE ID checklist.
8. Click here for a current list of Social Security Numbers Allocated by State.
9. Click here for a current list of Social Security Number area and group numbers that have been issued by the Social Security Administration per month.



Rental Research Services training services
  Rental research services Training Resources
Rental Research Services wants you to get the maximum benefit possible from using our service. In order to make sure that you receive all of the information available, and then properly interpret it, we have developed extensive training tools for you. Once you start using our Instant Inquiry, you will see how easy the report is to read and interpret. There are 2 levels of training available:



1. Online Sample Report: This is an excellent way to see what you will be receiving when you order an online report, and they are available to view whenever you wish. By going through the sample report, you can become familiar with both the report layout and what type of information to expect to see:

2. In-Person Training: Available for larger organizations, this training is best held when all of your people that conduct screening can meet at one time. This is available by special arrangement only, and we will make every attempt to conduct this when we are in your area of the country. For training visits desired at other times, additional charges may apply.

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